About On Site Services Ltd.

Based in Trinidad, West Indies, On Site Services Ltd. recognizes itself as a young, developing company, offering exceptional services and equipment to the energy industry. As such, we strive to achieve and maintain the highest standard of HSSEQ possible in order to meet our clients’ expectations and industry requirements.
We are dedicated to ensuring your company receives top-quality services and equipment on every project. Our many clients over the years have enjoyed our exceptional response time and safe, timely, and efficient job closeouts.

Experience That Matters

On Site Services Ltd. is led by Mr. Derek Pooran, a chemical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in corrosion engineering, project management, pipeline engineering, and chemical management. In this field, he has worked as a contractor and been a customer and has experience in production operations as well.
He started On Site Services Ltd. in 1999 as a small business with two employees. Since then, the company has matured and diversified. This growth was accomplished through keen insights into future market needs, establishing an excellent reputation for success, and never compromising on quality.

Contact us to learn more about On site Services Ltd., and let us provide you with the engineering support you need. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding mechanical services, corrosion management, cathodic protection and water treatment.

Our Major Suppliers

Our company holds sole supply agencies for the Caribbean region and works with many open agreement agencies. We supply and stock a range of pneumatic equipment and non-spark tools, chemical injection pumps, laboratory bottles, and other specialty supplies. Our major suppliers include:

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CompanyAssociation AccreditationEquipment Materials
CS Unitec/Spitznas Agent ISO 9001-2008 Pneumatic Equipment and Accessories - Mag Drills, Saws (Recip, Band, Hack ), Scabblers etc.
Siemens Technologies AgentISO 9001-2008 Water Treatment Packages, Pumps and Accessories, and Training
Hytorc SupplierISO 9001-2008 Bolt Torquing/Tensioning Equipment, Accessories, Certification, and Consultancy
Milton Roy/Williams SupplierISO 9001-2008 Pumps and Accessories
AmetekSupplierISO 9001-2009 Calibration Equipment
MonkeySupplierISO 9001-2008 Pneumatic Pumps and Accessories
AW Flow Meters Agent ISO 9001-2009 Flowmeters and Analyzers
SidewinderAgentNone Pneumatic Pumps and Accessories
Haskel and Barbee Supplier ISO 9001-2010 Hydrotest Pumps
QorpakAgentISO 9001-2010 Lab and Industrial Metal, Glass & HDPE Containers
Petersen products & Curtis Wright SupplierISO 9001-2010 Isolation Plugs
ModumetalSupplierISO 9001Superior Bolt & Nut Coating

At our company, we pride ourselves on achieving the highest safety goals and targets, meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our personnel are risk management trained and certified and are highly trained in many HSSE areas required for the upstream and downstream industries.

STOW Certified

Safe TO Work (STOW) is a certification program for a contractor’s HSSE management system. Under the STOW Implementation board, our company has been assessed and conforms with the STOW Health, Safety, and Environment Minimum Requirements for working at a high-risk level.

Our QHSSE Statistics for 2016 to 2021 are:

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Type Of Incident 202120202019201820172016
Near Miss < 100 per year135614172054
Medically Treated Cases000000
Road Traffic/Motor Vehicle Accidents000000
Environmental Incidents000000
Time Away Due To Illness000000
Time Away Due To Incident000000
Restrictive Duty/Transfer to Another Department000000
DART Rate000000
Total Number of incidents or illnesses resulting in either the worker missing work, being on restricted duty, or being transferred to another job within the organization x 200, 000 / The total number of hours worked by all employees.
Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate000000
Acoustic Tube
Oil Leakage
Man Checking Machine With Tube
Man Checking Machine
Large Pipe