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Chemical & Corrosion Management

Protect your assets with proper corrosion and chemical management from On Site Services Ltd.

We provide the expertise needed to ensure operations run smoothly.

We design, monitor and consult on a wide range of corrosion and chemical application projects.

Providing the Expertise

In the oil and gas industry Integrity Management plays a major part in ensuring assets are protected. Our expertise in this area is then required during project design and also for ongoing asset integrity management, especially where this expertise does not reside within your company's employee pool.

Also, chemical corrosion inhibition is a major part of internal corrosion mitigation. As well chemical treatment programs are critical to the operation in other areas– scale control for water-containing systems, hydrate inhibition for gas systems, demulsification for oil water separation both onshore and offshore etc.

OSSL has on staff engineers and field resources to completely handle both these areas on a contract basis. This can be for a new facility or for existing assets where ‘getting a handle’ on this area has been problematic.

Services provided here include:

  • Engineering consultancy – OSSL staff include technical people that have managed major chemical company accounts.
  • Field chemical management – OSSL has experienced technicians capable of surveys, chemical injection, setup and maintenance, on-site testing and monitoring.
  • Preparation of chemical bid packages, evaluation and award.
  • Production chemical training.
  • It is now recognized that Corrosion Management drives the Chemical Injection program and not the other way around.
  • Provision of equipment (probes, corrosion coupons, scale coupons, bio-probes, sampling systems etc.
  • Personnel and equipment to perform online high pressure corrosion coupons retrievals.

These services are applicable to Refineries, Process Plants, upstream Oil and Gas Production, Gas Transport & Water Companies.

OSSL is the sole representative for Metal Samples (ALSPI) in the Caribbean

Metal Samples is one of the world leaders in corrosion monitoring. Corrosion is the leading cause of process equipment and piping failure, requiring companies to pay billions of dollars annually in replacement costs and downtime. We offer a wide range of solutions to corrosion problems in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical. Since 1990, we have introduced a continuous stream of products which help customers obtain and analyze corrosion data that was previously inaccessible.

Products include internal corrosion monitoring systems (coupons and probes). Many of the systems can operate using discrete monitoring as well as on-line monitoring systems that can be hooked up to Distributed Control Systems. See video below for an introducion.

Remote Corrosion Monitoring - Telemetry System

This remote telemetry system obtains real-time corrosion monitoring data via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The system features communications via satellite to a secure Web Monitor data server. With this powerful web-based back end, you can bring the data to your desk no matter where the site is located.

Telemetry System

System Benefits Include:

  • Eliminating costly travel to remote sites
  • Gathering important corrosion data at a low cost

The built-in solar panel powers the Base Station, allowing for use where no local power is available. Using its internal battery and charge control circuit, the unit functions in the ‘Monitor & Sleep’ mode and can operate unattended for many years.

This 4-input system allows data from up to four corrosion monitoring sites to be transmitted. The system will transmit a daily reading of each monitoring point. The web server will maintain history for each site, and allows for review of the data and calculation of corrosion rates from various, user-selectable time periods.

Chemical Containers, Corrosion Management, Chemical Management in Miami, FL
Our Supervisors and Technicians are experienced and certified in all applicable services, which include:
  • Chemical Program Design and Evaluation
  • Design and Installation of Monitoring Systems and Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting of Monitoring Systems
  • Online field coupon/probe retrieval and installation
  • Service and repair of corrosion monitoring equipment

Chemical Treatment Programs

Chemical corrosion inhibition is a major part of internal corrosion mitigation.

We provide consultancy and monitoring of your chemical treatment operations.

Chemical treatment programs are critical to the operation in other areas, such as:
  • Hydrate Inhibition for Gas Systems
  • Scale Control for Water-Containing Systems
  • Demulsification for Oil Water Separation Onshore & Offshore

Staff & Resources at the Ready

At On Site Services Ltd., we have on-staff engineers and field resources to handle all areas on a contract basis. This can be for new operations or for existing assets that have had issues with these areas. We ensure that all pipeline operations run properly and successfully.

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