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On Site Services Ltd.
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Hot Tapping & Line Stopping

Hot Tapping is the ability to safely tie into a pressurized system, by drilling while it is on stream and under pressure.

Hot Tapping Hot Tapping, Diagram

On Site Services stocks equipment (hot tap tool, cutters and housings) that can perform hot taps up to 12-inch diameter.

We have trained and competent staff on a permanent basis to cater for dynamic applications regardless of the pipe material and/or the fluid content.

We can source fittings, valves and cutters to suit your needs.

Line Stopping Line Stopping, Diagram

Line Stops are used to temporarily shut down a pipeline system to complete modifications or repairs. They allow a system to operate as usual without any interruption of service. This is usually done in conjunction with hot tapping.

See our specialty products for an assortment of bags and pillows that can be used.