On Site Services Ltd.
On Site Services Ltd.
On Site Services Ltd.

Major Suppliers

On Site Services hold sole supply agencies for the Caribbean Region, and many open agreement agencies.

We supply and stock a range of pneumatic equipment and non-spark tools, chemical injection pumps (pump skids, spares, seals, and repair kits), laboratory bottles and supplies.

The table below are a list of our major suppliers:

OSSL Supplier Listing 2013-2014

Company Association Accreditation Equipment/Materials
CS Unitec/Spitznaz Agent ISO 9001-2008 Pneumatic Equipment and Accessories
Siemens Technologies Agent ISO 9001-2008 Water Treatment Packages, Pumps and Accessories, and Training
Hytorc Supplier ISO 9001-2008 Bolt Torquing/Tensioning Equipment, Accessories, Certification, and Consultancy
Milton Roy/Williams Supplier ISO 9001-2008 Pumps and Accessories
Ametek Supplier ISO 9001-2009 Callibration Equipment
Checkpoint Supplier ISO 9001-2008 Pumps and Accessories
AW Flow Meters Agent ISO 9001-2009 Flow-meters and Analysers
TD Williamson Supplier ISO 9001-2010 Hot Tap Equipment and Accessories
Sidewinder Agent None Pneumatic Pumps and Accessories
Antea Agent ISO 9001-2010 Project Management Software
CI Agent Solutions Agent None Hydrocarbon Solidifier
Haskel and Barbee Supplier ISO 9001-2010 Hydrotest Pumps
Qorpak Agent ISO 9001-2010 Laboratory Containers
Petersen products & Curtis Wright Supplier ISO 9001-2010 Isolation Plugs
Sentro Technologies Agent ISO 9001-2010 Online Boiler and Furnace Cleaning